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February 2022

Automated Packaging with Cup Fillers

The Platinum Packaging Group Meets Challenges & Helps Resolve Employee Health Issues

The Platinum Packaging Group Meets Challenges & Helps Resolve Employee Health Issues 954 535 The Platinum Packaging Group

The Platinum Packaging Group (PPG) was contacted 16 months ago by The Dennis Design Group out of Boston, Massachusetts with a complex challenge regarding packaging containers that they needed to resolve:

An Ohio-based produce packer needed to develop automated packaging for their containers to match rising demand for prepackaged fruits and veggies supplied to several Eastern and Mid-West based supermarkets.


Over 30 varieties of fruits and vegetables, including, but not limited to:

  • Cut, sliced or diced onions
  • Reishi mushrooms
  • Tomatoes
  • Cucumber
  • Green peppers
  • Cantaloupe
  • Cherries
  • Berry Blend
  • Red and Green Grapes
  • Olives

The automation needed to automatically weigh scale and portion control the filling of an assortment of cut and diced vegetables and fruit into plastic packaging containers at a speed of 30 packs per minute / Min of 1650 per hour or 13,200 per 8 hour shift. The company had a very labor-intensive process with little or no portion control. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome caused by repetitive motion is a current plague of the work force.

The task at hand was to introduce automation while saving money in labor costs so that the company could reallocate the current labor force to more varied positions within the organization. Their goal is to simultaneously address the current health issues while providing the same quality as manual packaging.

After months of consultancy and the placement of an eventual order 20 weeks ago, we sold the following equipment. Installation took place in late January.

The Solution PPG Provided:

  • 1 x Bulk Infeed
  • 2 (twin lane) x A C-10 Linear Scale System with Vibratory Indexing Infeed Conveyor
  • 2 x Drop Chutes

The Process:

  • Up to 50 lbs of product is placed in a chute and drops on the bulk infeed conveyor.
  • Product is conveyed to a height of 20 feet
  • Two Vibratory infeed conveyors separate and lead the product into drop chutes
  • Product is then dropped into a container

The Results of Automated Packaging:

  • Massive saving in labor costs.
  • Reallocation of current labor force to more productive applications with less health risks.
  • 30% increase in throughput.
  • Overtime reduced

2nd Quarter of 2022 Stage II:

Yet another example of The PLATINUM PACKAGING GROUPS providing critical automated packaging solutions.