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March 2022

Platinum Project Angel Food

Providing a Solution for Project Angel Food

Providing a Solution for Project Angel Food 600 450 The Platinum Packaging Group

In October 2021, the management team from Project Angel Food, a local non-profit organization located in Hollywood, California, contacted The Platinum Packaging Group (PPG) to solve a problem with their important goal of delivering prepackaged healthy meals to people impacted by serious illness.

Since 1989, Project Angel Food has prepared and delivered more than 14 million meals throughout the 4,084 square miles of Los Angeles County. This amazing organization delivers more than one million meals every year.

PPG worked diligently to find a practical solution that would keep Project Angel Food on track with the mission of its Medically Tailored Meal delivery program. This program feeds 2,300+ people per day, delivering one week’s worth of meals to every patient, from a menu of 12 different, medically tailored options.

Platinum Project Angel Food Open Cases


Project Angel Food formerly used polystyrene foam coolers for delivering individual pre-packaged frozen, medically tailored meals to clients. These coolers are bulky, fragile and impractical, making it challenging at times to reach their goal of providing meals to those in need.

Insulated Foam for Platinum Packaging Project Angel Food


PPG provided custom made PlatPort Insulated Bags. These bags are double-lined, collapsible and stackable, and feature velcro closure for all four corners, outside/left side ID plastic pocket, D-rings and shoulder straps.


  • PlatPort Insulated Bags fold flat for easy storage when not in use. This creates more shelf space when storing meals overnight
  • Designed to hold 14 meals rather than the 7 meals the former coolers held.
  • Improved cold retention within the insulated bag, eliminating the need for ice blocks
  • Color coding on the outside of the bag for easy identification of specialty dietary requirements
  • Increased durability
  • More carriable due to shoulder straps and end handles

This is another example of PPG providing critical packaging solutions to meet the needs of important organizations in the USA.

Platinum Project Angel Food Insulated Bags