Ovenable & Microwaveable Containers

Ovenable / Microwaveable Trays

Ovenable CPET

For Oven Use Up To 400°
* Crystallized PET (CPET)
* Ovenable and Microwaveable
* High barrier Substrate
* Suitable for Gas Flush & Frozen

Institutional CPET

Ovenable CPET Trays

Ovenable Paperboard Containers

Compostable Trays
* Cold and Heatable Applications
* Ovenable and Microwaveable
* Compostable in 90 Days

Recyclable Pressed Paperboard Trays
* Ovenable and Microwaveable
* Color Options
* Printable side wall & base
* Economical price

Compostable Flyer

Ovenable Paperboard Trays

Ovenable Paperboard School Trays