Institutional Markets (Printed Film)

Testimonial about printed film being introduced

Hello Marta, it’s Josh calling from Santa Ana unified. Hope you’re doing well. Wanted to chat with you about the logo film.
We’ve been doing it for the past few weeks now I had a meeting with our elementary supervisors they have been overwhelmed over joyed with happiness and great reaction from Dan gray reaction from the kids so everybody is super excited
Josh at ’Santa Ana Schools’
We utilized ‘Platinum Packaging” printed film with our department logo. The logo was placed on our 15” cold film. In addition we also used the logo on our 49mm Foil Lids. We made no announcements or did any advertising of such and still realized a 4% increase in volume. Our plan is to make some announcements this year. I am a strong believer in “Branding” your product and this film is the perfect avenue. The people at Platinum Packaging are very easy to work with. I look forward to continuing this marketing of our program through the use of printed films and materials
Chris Johnson - Nutrition Services-Supervisor