Resealable Film


Resealable Packaging Films

(Lidding and Vertical Form Fill & Seal)

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The Platinum Packaging Group (PPG) offers a unique range of flexible packaging films. Either vertical, horizontal or tray Lidding applications, we have a solution. NEW! PLATSCRIBE offers full Resealability of any packaging substrate. This is truly a revolutionary product that must be seen.




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This Is What We Need To Quote

*Resealable Film To All Tray Lidding Applications
*Resealable Vertical & Horizontal FFS applications
*Markets; Produce, Snacks, Ready Meals
*Multi Layers laminated or mono layer designs
*No Uneven Outside Diameter (OD) on rolls (unlike label technology).
*Smooth Un-winding of the rolls when machinery runs


PLatSeal ReSeal Technology offers

*Reseal (PLATScribe) scribing patented technology. This is hidden within the film area (print is applicable)
Plat Reseal is a controlled del-lamination of the sealant layer. / PET welds to the sub straight of the tray. The upper layer (that has been pre-laser scribed) peals and reseals to the remaining film underneath.
No Uneven Outside Diameter (OD) on rolls (unlike label technology).

Single Ply Reseal

We also offer single ply reseal technology. A single substrate offers controlled de-lamination of the actual sealant layer. The reseal sealant remains on the flange of the actual tray. The film peels and can be reapplied back onto the tray.