Polypropylene Overwrap
for high speed wrapping

Platinum Packaging Offers The Most Economical Products. Polypropylene Overwrap for high speed wrapping.

PPG Barrier PP film has a WVTR barrier is similar to the our competitors. Our OTR barrier is better than any other PVDC / Acrylic Barrier PP film / We also offer 26 micron rather an 27 Micron so a yield savings too.COLD APPLICATIONS






In House Perforating (Hot Needle)


* Min hole Size 125 to 175 Micron / Max 1500 Micron Approx.


(Holes size can depend on type of film , gauge, temp, running speeds and settings of perforating machine. Above sizing is approx.)


*We offer 60 Holes Per Sq “Or 30 Holes Per Sq”


  • Bakery
  • Produce
  • Cut Fruit
  • Extension of shelf life
  • Anti Fog Capabilities