Frozen Food Manufacturer.
I’ve known and worked with Nick for over 20 years, over those years he has been very honest and hard working on every project. Nick and his group at Platinum Packaging are who we turn to for all of our lidding film and paper tray projects. We’ve not only relied on them for packaging, but machinery also. We just purchased our second tray sealing machine from them and will certainly rely on Platinum Packaging while we work hard meeting a 30% growth goal.

David Hauge, Operations Manager
Itella Foods

Nick represents his group with honesty and integrity. Platinum delivers what they say they can. It is inspiring to find a business with integrity.

Wanda Grant, Nutrition Services Former Director
Palm Springs Unified School District

We have been a repeat customer of The Platinum Packaging Group for over a decade (might be even longer!!??). The improvements to our packaging line have significantly contributed to our district’s profitability in our foods program.
We couldn’t be more pleased with the quality of products and services represented by The Platinum Packaging Group.

Mary-Asplund –NTR, Food Service Director
A Washington Based School District

After a couple of weeks of heating up the food in the new paper trays, I have to say that I am so pleased with the product. I am finding that the food is cooking evenly, not hot to the touch like the old ones, and the kids are saying that the food tastes better. Thank you!!!

Mrs. Patricia Bunn, FW Kitchen Manager
A Washington School District

My plan is next edition, we are talking about the rollout of the Original Polish Sausage Slider. You and your group need to be commended. You did a fantastic job on the slider cello. It helps sell the product”

LA Sausage Manufacturer


“I have a Model 140 overwrap machine here at the Fresno Central Kitchen.
Honestly, I do not know how we ever did 3000 sandwiches per day without this machine. We make the sandwich and freeze them for up to 4-7 days, then pull them out and use them as a declining inventory.
The controls on the machine have not had any major impact on production other than some occasional tweaking. We are running approximately 6000 sandwiches per day through the machine (machine crew off on Sat & Sun) as well as 2500 dinner bread packs (bread, spork, margarine) and 2500 breakfast packs (bread, spork, punch pc, jelly pc and peanut butter pc). We also package our cut cake into a 1/2# food tray and wrap so that the coffeecake does not crush inside the sack lunch. All of these improvements have helped increase quality of delivery, inmate receptiveness and lowered grievances as far as stale, soggy, etc.
If the money is available, I would definitely recommend this type of machine for a facility (No, Nick did not pay me anything for this comment!!!)
Thank you,

Mark Yearout, GM, Canteen Correctional Services / Central CA


Since we have started using the sealing machine, we have tripled to quadrupled on the amount of products we used to use in the plastic trays. The students are thrilled with the packaging and are taking more because they can see what is inside. We are loving it because it is easy to seal, faster than wrapping the trays with saran wrap and the products last longer. We are, also, using the sealed containers to ship food to another site and it has made it so much easier, with less mess. I think my help are actually racing to get done with their other duties first so they can use the machine. I have to laugh.
Also, Doug, thank you for getting us the new shipment so soon. We have just enough boats to get us through maybe Wednesday and our new shipment is arriving tomorrow (Tuesday). That’s what I call service. Thank you so much for being on top of it.
Have a good day!

Joanne Franz, Cook Manager
Westside School
Oregon Based School District