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A lot of Platinum machinery sales are completed through a lease. We have an alliance with a leasing company and can offer either 10% down or first and last programs. With recent Government incentives and stimulus packages, you can now write off more of the depreciation than ever before.

Machinery Financing Platinum Packaging


  • With Good Credit Rating / $27.00 per $1000 per month payment
  • With 10% down or First Or Last payment down
  • Example $30,000.00 purchase: $810.00 per month / $202.50 per Week
  • Timeline for above estimations 48 months

More Benefits Of Equipment Leasing/Machinery Financing

  • No money due at signing
  • Terms 24-72 Months
  • Simple Interest Loan
  • Only lien the equipment, not the business
  • Buyout option available after 12 consecutive on-time monthly payments
  • Lien removed upon final payment or exercising of buyout option
  • Up to 90 Days deferred payment option
  • Leasing options available
Benefits of Equipment Leasing

The Platinum Packaging Group offers our customers equipment leasing with the most competitive rates and terms in the marketplace. In fact, about 40% of all Platinum machinery sales are completed through a lease. Some of the benefits of leasing equipment include:

  • Fixed Rate Machinery Financing
  • 100% Financing
  • Conserve Working Capital & Bank Lines of Credit
  • Depreciation/Government Tax Benefits (see below)
  • Match Revenues with Expenses
  • Various End of Term Buyout Options ($1, 10%, 20%, Fair Market Value)

Below are a set of monthly payment quotes*, based on a equipment purchase of $45K and a $1 buyout at the end of the term:

36 Month 48 Month 60 Month
$1,379 $1,063 $869

Tax Incentives Of Leasing

The Economic Stimulus Act (ESA) provides tax rebates for individuals and tax incentives for small business owners on their equipment purchases. Currently, small businesses that purchase less than $2,000,000 of capital assets are allowed to WRITE OFF THE FULL PURCHASE PRICE of the equipment (up to $500,000). THERE IS ALSO A ONE TIME BONUS DEPRECIATION OF 50% on top of the Section 179.

Example Under Section 179**
total CAPEX and equipment purchases of $600K in previous years

First Year Section 179 Write Off: Equipment Cost After Tax:
$600K less all tax deduction of $196K
Bouns First Year Depreciation
on remaining value: $600K – $500K = $100K ? 50% = $50K
Normal First Year Depreciation:
depreciation calculated at 5 years (20% per year): $50K ? 20% = $10K
Total First Year Deduction:
$500K + $50K + $10K = $560K
Your Tax Savings:
assume less 35% tax rate, $560K ? .35 = $196K

Disclaimer Statement

All data stated above is correct to the best of our knowledge. We assume no liability. We advise you receive professional (third party) advice to verify all statements made.