Lidding Films (Top Seal)

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Lidding Films

Cold / Hot Applications

Suitable lidding for:

  • PLA & PET Coated ovenable Paperboard Trays
  • CPET Ovenable Recyclable Plastic Trays
    for Refrigerated Cut Fruit, Vegetables, Produce


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Coated Lidding Films

Hot And Cold Applications

Suitable for hot and refrigerated applications. PlatSeal will adhere to CPET, PP, OPS ,PS, HDPE.
APET Coated paperboard , Reusable Carbon Fiber.

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Laminated Films

PlatSeal Laminates, offer a more economical approach. Less clarify and more suitable for chilled / refrigerated foods.
Suitable for dips, salad dressings, Some heated ready meals and prepared foods.

Resealable Lidding Film

The Platinum Packaging Group (PPG) offers a unique range of flexible packaging films. Either vertical, horizontal or tray Lidding applications, we have a solution. NEW! PLATSCRIBE offers full Resealability of any packaging substrate. This is truly a revolutionary product that must be seen.


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*Resealable Film To All Tray Lidding Applications
*Resealable Vertical & Horizontal FFS applications
*Markets; Produce, Snacks, Ready Meals

ReSeal PLATSCRIBE (Multi Layer Technology offers)

*Reseal (PLATScribe) laser / Die Cut scribed patented technology. This is hidden within the Print Area.
*No Uneven Outside Diameter (OD) on rolls (unlike label technology). / *Smooth Un-winding of the rolls when machinery runs.

Or PlatSeal Reseal Sealant (Mono Layer + Sealant)

*Plat Reseal is a controlled del-lamination of the sealant layer. / PET welds to the sub straight of the tray. The upper layer (that has been pre-laser scribed) peals and reseals to the remaining film underneath.
*No Uneven Outside Diameter (OD) on rolls (unlike label technology) / *Smooth Un-winding of the rolls when machinery runs.

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Pre Die Cut Lidding Aluminum / Aluminum & PET /Paper Laminates

Pre Die-Cut Aluminum Foil & PET Plastic Lids offer exceptional barrier for dairy and cultured product applications

Cut Lidding

Cut Lidding

  • Aluminum Offers high barrier against water vapor & oxygen transmission, light & aroma.
  • Typically used in dairy and cultured product applications
  • Available ,plain silver, gold wash, Printed up to 8 Colors.
  • Sizes 61mm, 71.5mm, 75.5mm, 95.5mm, 97.5mm, 101mm
  • Aluminum Combi & Aluminum Seals To PS. PS, PP, PE, R-PET, A-PET, C-PET, PE