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FILM PERFORATING (Needle. Macro & Laser)


 Perforating of Printed Laminated Film 

 We Use A Digital Microscope 
 To Measure The Elongation And 
 Size Of Perf Holes

 Perforation Patterns of 30 or 60 holes per sq 

 In House Needle Perforating 

 In House Needle Perforating 

Twin Head Laser Perforation Technology Available

Needle Perforation

Laser Perforated with invisible holes to help with bloating / (Gassing)

Min hole Size 125 to 175 Micron / Max 1500 Micron Approx.
(Holes size can depend on type of Mylar packaging film, gauge, temp, running speeds and settings of perforating machine. Above sizing is approx.)
Current Holes Pattern Available are 30 and or 60 Holes Per Sq” We have 2” and 4” Wide Perf Collars (60 holes 2” and 4” collars. 30 holes only 4” collars)

Good Perforated
Shows a perfect circular hole that adds strength and prevents tearing in mylar packaging. Tensile strength can be doubled.

Bad Perforated Hole
Elongated hole that leads to weakness in the film sub straight

5.488 mm Registered Hole

9.442 mm Registered Hole

Laser Perforation

The Platinum Packaging Group’s laser technology means we can offer a sophisticated solution for extended shelf life, steam release gas or water vapor transmission rate control. Platinum’s laser perforation technology works at high speed and produces a very closely controlled pattern of microscopic holes in the film, exactly tailored for the application.