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The Platinum Packaging Group Offers High Speed Economical Cost Effective Mylar Alternative Films

Hot Overwrapping Mylar Films seal lidding films


pdf1Illustration of how HSPET film is extruded

  • Ovenable to 400°
  • More aggressive sealant layer
  • More economically priced than Mylar Films

pdf1Product Information

pdf1Product Information 2

pdf1Product Information 3

pdf149g PVDC / 48g

pdf148g / 48 Lam

pdf1Film Labelling / Temp Settings

When using PlatSeal Ovenable Film for pizza
Heating Guidelines are; (from Frozen)

  • 300 F, 11 to 13 Minutes in a convection Oven
  • Conventional Oven 15 to 25 Minutes

(Please note this is dependent on efficiencies of the oven, variety and make of pizza. The is a guide not the law)


  • Ovenable to 400°
  • Anti-stick cheese coating
  • Peelable sealant layer

pdf1Product Information

pdf1Product Information 2

pdf1Film Labelling / Temp Settings

pdf1Co Efficient Of Frication Data