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Table Top (Semi Auto Tray Sealers)

  • Manual Table Top machine
  • SV 300
  • HSTT

PLATINUM MODEL 30 Tray Sealer (formally 145)

  • 115 V, 1 Phase, 60 Cycles
  • Popout tray pallets for different sized trays
  • Interchangeable knife holder

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videoVideo of Platinum Model 30


PLATINUM MODEL 60 (formally 245)

  • 208 v 1 phase . 60 Cycles
  • Popout Tray pallets for Different Sized Trays
  • Interchangeable Knife Holder
  • 8 Foot, 12 Foot or 16 Foot Overall Length

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videoVideo I (Model 60 – 8ft)

videoVideo II (model 60 – 12ft)

videoVideo III (model 60 – 16ft)


PLATINUM MODEL TP 60M (formally Model 245P)

Designed to seal heat sensitive film to plastic or paper containers for a tamper-evident, stay-fresh seal. The machine operates with a mechanical seal head and interchangeable pockets using a straight or operational radius die cutter.

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videoVideo of Intermittent Sealer

videoVideo of 3 x 4 Intermittent Sealer

videoVideo of WC Platinum In Line 4 lane Sealer
with Custom Conveyers


Multiple Lane Sealing Machines

videoVideo 1

videoVideo 2

videoVideo 3

video4 x 5 IDV machine



HS + Lidding Machine

Manual Heat Sealing Machine

This low cost machine offers a fast and effective solution for sealing heat sensitive film to a wide variety of containers for a tamper-evident, stay-fresh seal. Included with the machine is one set of four seal plates – one is used while the the other three plates are cycling through the machine. Can seal up to 1500 trays per hour.

videoVideo of H+P

pdf1Product Information for
the “Semi Auto H+”

pdf1Product Information for
the “Semi Auto H+ P”