A Solution to Protect Fresh Bakery Products

Platinum Packaging Polypropylene Wrapping Film for 7-11 Fresh Bakery Products

A Solution to Protect Fresh Bakery Products

A Solution to Protect Fresh Bakery Products 1200 1200 The Platinum Packaging Group

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a catalyst for complete transformation of retail food packaging in the United States. From food delivery and handling to lidding and wrapping films, it’s a new frontier for the entire industry.

The changes have been widespread and wide-ranging. No more open, self-service salad bars in supermarket produce sections. No more open containers served to our kids in school cafeterias. No more bakery items served to you straight from the display case at your friendly neighborhood Starbucks.

The Platinum Packaging Group is now working with the wholesale bakery supplier for 7-11 convenience stores in 15 states across the United States.

Fresh bakery products are delivered daily to each 7-11 franchise throughout the country. Due to more stringent safety standards, it is now required that the products arrive prewrapped.

In the warm, moist environment of a bakery, fresh baked goods generate condensation once they are wrapped. The moisture can affect the quality of the product once delivered to a store. This became a problem for 7-11, convenience stores, coffee shops and other establishments that serve fresh bakery products procured from a bakery.

The Platinum Packaging Group team introduced pre-perforated polypropylene wrapping film to provide a solution to this problem. While providing added food safety, this innovative packaging solution allows condensation and moisture to escape from the bag so that the quality of these baked goods is preserved. The pre-perforated polypropylene wrapping film also extends shelf life and provides the consumer with a better tasting product.

The Platinum Packaging Group offers perforation technology for lidding films, overwrap (as outlined above) and many types of vertical and horizontal roll stock. Applications vary from controlling respiration in produce to affecting moisture retention and escape in hot applications. With the correct hole size and frequency, products can actually be crisped when heated or microwaved as well.

The Platinum Packaging Group’s various perforation technologies means we can offer sophisticated solutions for extending shelf life, steam release gas or water vapor transmission rate control. View more information on our comprehensive packaging services and solutions, from lidding and wrapping film to providing logistical and warehousing support.