An Innovative Approach to Sustainable Packaging

US Goal to replace 90% of plastics with biomaterials for sustainability

An Innovative Approach to Sustainable Packaging

An Innovative Approach to Sustainable Packaging 800 535 The Platinum Packaging Group

As the United States sets a goal to replace 90% of plastics with biomaterials, The Platinum Packaging Group is ahead of the curve with its innovative approach to sustainable packaging.

This is part of PPG’s long-term, demonstrated commitment to preserve and protect the environment.

We offer a wide breath of options:

  • PET trays and packaging films made with post-consumer regrind (PCR up to 35%). Our films reduce our carbon footprint, remove plastic from our landfills, and contribute to a circular economy. For example, 1,000 lbs of PLATSEAL ECO LINE film removes 11,000 PET water bottles (20 fl. oz.) from landfills.
  • 100% Compostable Pulp PLA Coated Trays Made from leftover agricultural fiber with a plant-based bio-lining with starch. No wax or plastic lining. Ovenable (up to 400 f  Compostable  in 2-4 months in a commercial composting facility
  • Hot Overwrap Films, made from a cellulose material / derived from wood pulp / 100% compostable and heat-able to 400 F. Again, these products are certified as compostable in both industrial and home composting environment, in two to four months.
  • Compostable Cold overwrap PLA (Polylactide). Derived from plants, Ovenable (up to 400 f). Again, Compostable in two to four months in a commercial composting facility
  • Multi Layered packaging (MLP) manufacturing scrap is produced in our manufacturing location.

We recycle the scrap we create.

Did you know recycled multi-layered plastic packaging (MLP) is used to manufacture a wide variety of products, including trash cans / wheeled dumpsters, road dividers and furniture?

The Platinum Packaging Group sends out its waste scrap from our production facility, whereupon under a unique process it is washed, grinded and crushed to be used to re-manufacture these products and more.

Our partner currently has 15 lines for recycling & processing over 200,000 Metric Tons per annum.

Sustainability is a critical requirement of our ethos and an ongoing process that we embrace. We are committed to a meaningful and effective sustainable approach. PPG’s core value is stewardship of the planet and natural resources. We strive to minimize manufacturing waste, while introducing and selling new sustainable materials to our customers.