Top Seal / Lidding Films—A Step Towards Sustainability

Top Seal Lidding FIlms

Top Seal / Lidding Films—A Step Towards Sustainability

Top Seal / Lidding Films—A Step Towards Sustainability 800 535 The Platinum Packaging Group

One of the great benefits of using lidding films for food packaging is the contribution it makes towards sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint. Our quality polyester lidding films keep food fresh longer and offers oxygen barrier protection, while protecting the product and added shelf life. Food safety is still paramount for the consumer in the post-COVID world.

When you choose one of our PlatSeal lidding films products instead of a traditional two-piece containers or clamshells, you can help reduce plastic consumption up to 40%. Utilizing lidding film /top seal technology can offer cost savings in addition to reducing plastic consumption. There are also C02 reducing benefits, such as the manufacturing costs to produce such films over more rigid plastic containers and lids and two-piece clamshells. Transportation costs are less before and while the film is used on a container.

We offer:

  • Made from up to 35% Post-consumer Regrind PET (PCR)
  • Compostable Corn-Based Films
Coated Lidding Films
  • One pallet of clam shells or lids. This is equal to one roll of lidding film @ a 5100 ft length
  • 250 lbs of material Vs. 23 lb rolls

The Platinum Packaging Group is based on the West Coast of the United States and serves many industries (packer processors, food manufacturers, co-packers, ready meal manufacturers (both fresh and frozen), cut fruit, produce producers, wholesale bakeries for over two decades. We have over 50 years of collective experience.

The Platinum Packaging Group also offers value added films with higher barrier qualities and anti-fog capabilities. From coated and laminated films to horizontal and vertical specialty films for form fill and seal machinery. We are unique in our offerings, privately owned, and reactive to our customers’ needs!

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