5 Sustainable Benefits of Lidding Film in Packaging

Trader Joe's containers with sustainable lidding film

5 Sustainable Benefits of Lidding Film in Packaging

5 Sustainable Benefits of Lidding Film in Packaging 800 533 The Platinum Packaging Group


At The Platinum Packaging Group, we recognize the importance of sustainability and the need for innovative, eco-friendly packaging solutions. Lidding films provide a versatile, efficient solution that helps reduce our customers’ carbon footprints. It’s a flexible packaging choice that elevates brands while contributing to a greener future.

Lidding film, often referred to as a “top seal” or “lidding film,” is a flexible packaging material that covers and seal containers, trays, or cups. It acts as the final protective layer, preserving the contents within while providing convenience and visual appeal. Lidding films come in various materials, each tailored to meet specific packaging needs.

Here are a few of the benefits of lidding films:

1. Less Material Needed

Lidding film serves as a protective layer that covers trays, containers, or cups, effectively sealing the contents within—but uses up to 25% less plastic than a traditional clamshell or rigid lid, and can be used to replace two-piece containers. Less material translates to lower overall packaging costs and minimizes environmental impact since fewer resources are consumed during production.

2. Extended Freshness and Shelf Life

Lidding film creates a secure seal over packaging containers that preserves the freshness and quality of perishable goods, including meat, dairy products, ready meals, produce (salads), and prepackaged meals. The film’s barrier properties protect against moisture, oxygen, and other external contaminants, extending the shelf life of products (by limiting the OTR oxygen transmission rates) and reducing food waste. This helps minimize losses/food waste while contributing to a more sustainable food supply chain.

3. Lightweight & Space-Efficient for Retail Shelves

Lidding film is lightweight and flexible, making it convenient for applications where space and weight are critical considerations, such as shipping and transportation. Its compact design allows for efficient stacking and storage, optimizing warehouse space and reducing shipping costs. Additionally, the lightweight nature of lidding film reduces fuel consumption during transportation, further lowering carbon emissions and environmental impact.

4. Recyclable & Eco-Friendly

Lidding films are manufactured with recyclable materials, such as polyester (PET) polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP). These types of films are called multi-layer films (MLF). Most lidding films are now moving to mono layer (one layer) substrates, primarily #1 recyclable PET (this film can be recycled in a blue trash can).

Using such recyclable lidding film supports a circular economy and reduces the amount of plastic ending up in landfills or oceans.

5. Elevated Branding

Lidding films have a large surface area that allows for innovative branding and maximum shelf impact. Brands can customize their packaging by printing their logos, graphics, and promotional messages directly onto lidding film while maintaining packaging integrity. In many cases printed lidding can replace the need for an adhesive label. Printed lidding films enhance the overall customer experience, fosters brand loyalty, and promotes recognition.

Lidding films are a sustainable packaging solution that preserve freshness, enhance shelf appeal, and improve the customer experience.

We at the Platinum Packaging Group are committed to providing innovative and sustainable packaging solutions, such as lidding films, while evolving with the needs of our clients; helping reduce our customers’ carbon footprint and contributing to a greener future.