Revolutionary PlatSEAL ECO LINE Recyclable Packaging Films

PlatSEAL Eco Line recyclable packaging for institutions and more

Revolutionary PlatSEAL ECO LINE Recyclable Packaging Films

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The Platinum Packaging Group (PPG) introduced our new ECO LINE in 2019. Our new line of PET films addresses a growing demand for recyclable packaging that is comprised of recycled content. The PLATSEAL ECO LINE of films enables us to produce a PET film with a minimum of 35% post-consumer recycled PET in its composition.

This technology is currently available in our ovenable PLATSEAL Overwrap HSPET line. Our long-term plan is to introduce this into the line of PET-coated PLATSEAL GP lidding films as well. This is part of PPG’s long-term, demonstrated commitment to preserve and protect the environment by providing recyclable packaging options. Our PLATSEAL ECO LINE polyester films are a major part of our vision to help end plastic waste and grow recyclable packaging technology.

We chose 35% recycled content to match the current PET recycling rate in North America while also providing a sustainable supply chain. Our eco friendly films reduce our carbon footprint, removes plastic from our landfills, and contributes to a circular economy.

For cold overwrap applications, we now offer PLATWRAP Cold PLA compostable overwrap. This is derived from plants and composts that are transformed into carbon dioxide and water in less than 90 days.

There is a push for a national plastics tax on virgin plastic in the United States Senate. There is a proposal for a 20 cents per lb tax to boost the use of recycled materials and hold the plastics industry more accountable, starting at 10 cents a lb in 2022 and increasing to 20 cents per lb in 2024. This would apply to single use plastics including beverage containers, bags and food service containers.

The new PLATSEAL ECO LINE of films closes the loop for using post-consumer packaging. This offers the ‘perfect choice’ in terms of a sustainable packaging solution in the market.

Visit this link to learn more about our commitment to sustainable packaging and providing recyclable packaging options.